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About Us


Little Doves Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten has provided the community of Monroe outstanding early childhood education for over twenty-five years. Many of our first students have returned as parents, enrolling their own children, to the delight of the Little Doves teaching staff.


Little Doves is an important ministry of Peace Lutheran Church.


Mission and Vision


Little Doves Preschool and Kindergarten aims to build the body of Christ by planting the seeds of Christ's Gospel in the hearts and minds of children through education. Toward that end, the school provides quality Christ-centered early childhood education for local children aged eighteen months to 6 years of age.

What Parents Say


"My son absolutely loves Little Doves Preschool! He made so many friends, and the teachers are so loving and attentive!"


"My daughter has had such a bright, positive preschool and kindergarten experience at Little Doves! We noticed a difference right away in this school's atmosphere versus other preschools in the area. The program, teachers and staff are experienced and welcoming. The environment is intelligent and creative, geared towards naturally nurturing a strong foundation of kindness, respect, and a healthy, calm "sense of self" in the children- it is such a happy, bright environment. I'm so thankful we kept my daughter there for Kindergarten as well. She has excelled and literally loved every minute of her time in class having a special experience with a small class of children, and an incredible teacher! I cannot say enough good things about Little Doves. We continue to recommend this school to every family we know!"


"As  parents, we feel blessed to have had the support of this preschool to establish the foundation for both faith and education in  our children. Both of our children have had the privilege of beginning their years of of education here at Little Doves Preschool. The Christian values and teachings coupled with the accelerated learning and  small class size have been critical in establishing a love of Christ, school and learning.  We look forward to our last child enjoying the same quality experience."


"We have been with Little Doves Preschool for 6 years with several children attending the school.  Our children have been in their preschool and Pre-K programs which have been just perfect for our family.  It is a safe, loving environment with teachers & staff who really care about each individual child.  Their curriculum is appropriately set to teach children the basics mixed with a lot of fun & creativity preparing them for Kindergarten.  They offer lots of family events as well throughout the year which makes it fun for the whole family when you have a little one attending their school.  Our kids love it there, so we highly recommend this wonderful school."  - The Zielinski Family

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