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Our School Facilities

The Little Doves facility has nine designated classrooms and special purpose rooms.

The Hall

Our large capacity hall serves group activities including circle time, show and tell, Lunch Bunch and our Twos-days program.

Preschool Hall

Dove's Nest

The students explore math and science in the Doves’ nest with a wide variety of manipulatives, worksheets, books, puzzles and games

Preschool Dove's Nest

The Play Yard!

Much of the free play time that the Little Dove's children have is enjoyed in the Play Yard.  Fully supervised during the children's play time, our facility is well-maintained and simply, FUN!​

Splish-Splash Room

One of our favorite classrooms is the Splish Splash Room where students negotiate messes and express their creative side in paint, clay, water, rice and other tactile materials, arts and crafts.


Jungle Room

Free play reigns in the Jungle Room where are wide variety of toys and activities encourage building, fantasy play, cooperation, sharing and relationship development.

Preschool Jungle Room

Advanced Pre-K Kindergarten Room

Ouer Advanced Pre-K and Kindergarten classroom provides the academic environment for the introduction of phonics, math, Spanish, and the physical world.

Advanced Pre-K and Kindergarten Room
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