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Welcome to Little Doves! We appreciate your interest in our early childhood program. This page is full of information on how YOU and YOUR child(ren) can be a part of our growing mission to serve families in Monroe. Here are a few things you need to know:


1) All the necessary information that YOU need to ENROLL your child(ren) is available on this tab or on the links on the right side of this page.


2) Although Little Doves’ Christian identity and mission informs the school’s curriculum and teaching philosophy, we accept all children regardless of race, color, creed, gender and background. 


Tuition Schedule

Tuition Policies



Preschool registration fees are due at registration.  These fees cover cost of equipment, curriculum, paper and art supplies, and other operational costs; they do not apply toward tuition and they are not refundable.  If a student fails to attend or is withdrawn from school, the registration fee is forfeited.  


All tuition payments are due by 15th day of each month, beginning August 15th. Your child’s tuition is an annual fee paid in individual installments and reflects the fact that some months have more (or less) school days than others.


Little Doves uses Brightwheel for the collection of tuition and fees. Families will be expected to enroll on the app prior to the start of school. Late payments, returned payments, and other fees will be managed by Brightwheel. If a tuition payment has not been received by the 15th of the month, Brightwheel will assess a $30 late fee. After 30 days, a child may be suspended from class until their account is made current. Families with past due accounts lose their “continuing student” status during the registration/re-enrollment period. Re-enrollment is not permitted until account is paid in full.

  • DSHS

Children using DSHS subsidies must complete all necessary paperwork prior to start of class. 


A fee of $20 will be charged, if more than 10 minutes late to pick up child.


There is a 10% tuition discount given for second child and 50% discount for third child currently enrolled in school.


Families with limited financial resources may apply for tuition assistance through the Preschool Board.  Identification of all applicants and recipients will be kept confidential.  Please contract Director for information. 


Thirty-day notice must be given if withdrawing a child. Tuition must be paid during the 30-day period. Payments are due for all months attended should a child withdraw from the program before the end of the school year. Students may not withdraw from classes after March 31st. After this date, tuition is due in full for the remaining school year.


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