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Advance Pre-Kindergarten

An early childhood program for children who are 4 by August 31st of the school year

Little Doves

Advanced Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum


Little Doves has an excellent Advanced Pre-Kindergarten program with a low teacher/student ratio of 1 to 8 and a strong academic curriculum.  It offers a nurturing Christian environment with one-on-one teaching, phonics-based language arts curriculum, and a Scott Foresman math curriculum. These combined with art, music, free play, and outdoor recreation create a very balanced and highly regarded program with a high success rate.  


For more specific details on the Advanced Pre-K curriculum, see the following summaries:















Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen

by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill


Teaching Goals


In the Advanced Pre-K class, the children will learn to:

  • Recognize the consonants and their sounds

  • Recognize the short and long vowel sounds

  • Write the letters

  • Sound out one vowel words

  • Apply the special phonic sounds

  • Rhyme words (word families)

What is Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen Curriculum?


Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen is a comprehensive reading-language arts program. It contains and correlates reading, handwriting, auditory and oral language skills for children who do not know how to read or write. Beginning provides children with a thorough understanding of the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, the most basic elements of our spoken and written language.  Beginning is the foundation for a child's understanding of letters as written symbols for spoken sounds. In Beginning, the child learns about the alphabet: the letter names, how to write the letters, what sounds the letters represent, and what function the letters serve as their sounds are blended to form words. Beginning is a multi-sensory program of visual, kinesthetic, and auditory activities, which meets the specialized needs of the beginning essential readiness skills. Above all else, it produces in the beginner a high degree of involvement and motivation, so vital for success at this early stage of learning.

What is the format of Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen and how is it used?

In Beginning each child has a set of letterbooks. Each letterbook is a sixteen-page, full color booklet filled with multi-sensory, multimodal activities that focus on one letter of the alphabet. The child writes, cuts, pastes, and colors in the letterbook. There are twenty-four letterbooks in a complete set. The major language skills areas are stressed in each letterbook: handwriting, auditory training, oral language, linguistic skills. The child learns to write the letter, identify its sound and blend the sound with other known letter sounds to form words. There are auditory lessons on cassettes which relate directly to excercises in the letterbook. The children mark their letterbooks while they listen to the tape. The letterbook serves as the focus for oral art projects which relate to the reading skills and letter being emphasized. These activities provide valuable opportunities to develop manual dexterity and small muscle coordination.

Little Doves Math Curriculum

Scott Foresman Math Mathematics


Math Objectives


In the Advanced Pre-K class, the children will learn to:


  • Position and Location- inside, outside, over, under, top, middle, bottom, left and right

  • Sort and Classify- same, different, sorting by one attribute, sorting the same set in different ways

  • Graph and Pattern-  real, picture, & bar graphs, movement, color, shape & creating patterns

  • Understand Numbers 1 through 31 – counting, reading, and writing these numbers, counting by twos and fives, ordinal numbers through 31st

  • Compare and order by size and length, estimating and measuring length

  • Compare and order by capacity and weight, estimating and measuring capacity and weight

  • Time and Money-  calendar time, money coins and values

  • Number Relationships- more and fewer

  • Counting and Number Patterns to 100- numbers to 100, counting groups of 10, skip counting


Spiritual Objectives


In the Advanced Pre-K class, the children will learn that:


  • God made the world.

  • God created us.

  • God loves us.Jesus is our God's expression of love to us.

  • Jesus is God's Son.

  • Prayer is talking to God and we can talk to God anytime.

  • God listens to our prayers.

  • We are not perfect...we sin and God acts in love to bring us His forgiveness through Jesus

  • The life, death and resurrection of Jesus for us.

  • Be kind to others.

  • Love one another.

  • Learn basics about the Bible - as "God's book"

  • Bible memorization

  • How to be a "light" or witness for Jesus!





Advanced Pre-K/Kindergarten 


9:00--12:15 a.m.

$410 x 10 payments

Beginning to Read, Write, and Listen
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